Work completed this week on the old garage, Jack the builder has blocked up the large open end, the small doorway at other end and cut a new opening for the double doors. He has laid a base for the monster water collection tank. I decided we should use the base for a greenhouse, far to good for the water tank, so we bought and erected the greenhouse this afternoon (18th May).

I've cut up two large old fallen fruit tree trunks, one at bottom end of orchard close to neighbour Rolands fence and the other under all the ivy and nettles just down from the Victoria Plum tree.

Could the stumps end up (no pun intended) being be a stumpery, sculpture or stone circle made of wood?

Caught our garage Wren on camera. One photo (see below) and a small video.

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Wren with nest in garage.

Wren with nest in garage.