Fund Raising

Fund Raising

Orchard Donating/Fund Raising

This year has been bad for many charities because of the covid pandemic. We've been unable to have our usual spring and autumn open afternoons selling cakes, orchard jam, etc. But we still need some help with donations to keep things moving to improve and expand the orchard for the local community and future generations. We are a non profit organisation, with all funds going to the 'Thundridge Community Orchard Trust Ltd'.

It’s simple, it’s safe, and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

Recurring costs the donated funds go towards: Public liability insurance, machinery maintenance, fuel, purchasing trees, employing proffesional services such as tree surgeons and website running costs.

If you could use one the options below to help we would be extremely grateful. Thank you

For example: Amazon will donate 0.5% of sales, GoRaise donations vary depending retailer and PayPal are fixed amounts.


amazon_logo.jpgNote: You will need an ‘Amazon’ account.
1. Goto ‘’ using link below.
2. On the website click get started.
3. Under 'Start by picking your charity' type in ‘Thundridge Community Orchard’ and click 'Search'.
4. Click 'Select' next to 'Thundridge Community Orchard Trust'
5. Tick box beside ‘Yes Understand that I must always start at '' to support the Thundridge Community Orchard Trust'.
5. Click ‘Start Shopping’.
Goto Amazon


Goraise-logo.jpgGoRaise is for supporters to get free donations for 'Thundridge Community Orchard Trust' when you shop online.
It’s simple, it’s safe, and it doesn’t cost you a penny. It's a simple way to generate funds for 'Thundridge Community Orchard Trust'. So, how does it work?
1. Visit '' using the link below and sign up.  
2. Shop online at one of 3,000+ online retailers.  
3. Collect free donations for 'Thundridge Community Orchard Trust'.
Sign up today, search on GoRaise for the retailer or product that you want, and click out. It's that easy. it will make a huge difference to us just from donations generated by your online shopping. Thanks.
Sign up & Start Shopping

GoRaise Help Tabs


To sign up goto: Fill in your name, your email, create a password and click 'Join'.



Once you've joined GoRaise to help support Jeans Orchard, the next time you visit the orchard page do not use the 'Join' form, use the 'Login' button at top of page.



Click in search box and type to search for a retailer.



GoRaise has over 3000 retailers to use, as well as those in image there is also Ocado, Clarks, Go-Outdoors, Canon, Waitrose, LSA Glass, Mail Cottages, Molberry Cottages and many more.



paypal.jpg Make a donation via PayPal, no need for a PayPal account.
Choose an amount that suits you, £5.00, £10.00, £15.00 or any other amount. Thank You
PayPal Button

Orchard Tree Fund

Tree-Planting.jpgWe had a fund raising campaign (2017) for our new tree project. People were so generous with donations of money 14 new heritage fruit trees were ordered and work started in the autumn (2017) to prepare the ground for tree planting in January 2018.
See the 'Special Thanks' page to see who donated.

Orchard Bulb Fund

Donated-Bulb-Planting.jpgThanks to everyone who donated money, bulbs and their time to planting the spring bulbs.
Bulbs planted: Various colours of crocus, daffodils, hyacinth and tulips.

Orchard Pond Fund

Wooden-Raised-Pond.jpgWe are looking at installing a raised pond to attract a more diverse type of wildlife into the orchard. The pond will be left to its own devices, so it will interesting to see what turns up.

If we opt for a 'Pond Kit' the estimated cost is £200 to £300. If you can help to raise some pennies towards the purchase we would be forever gratefull. Please use the PayPal button at top of this page to make a donation. Thank you.