Fund Raising

Orchard Donating/Fund Raising

Help us to keep things moving to improve and expand the orchard for the local community. We are a non profit organisation, with all profits going to the 'Thundridge Community Orchard Trust'. A couple recurring costs the donated funds go towards:
Public liability insurance. Machinery maintenance and fuel. Website running costs.

Make a donation via PayPal, no need for a PayPal account.

Choose an amount that suits you, £5.00, £10.00, £15.00 or any other amount. Thank You

Tree Project

Tree-Project.jpg We had a fund raising campaign (2017) for our new tree project. People were so generous with donations of money 14 new heritage fruit trees were ordered and the work in the autumn was started to prepare the ground for tree planting in January 2018.
See the 'Special Thanks' page to see who donated.

Bird Project

Bird-Project.jpg Our next focus, for this autumn, is to encourage birds into the orchard. Yes we know that there will be some fruit damage but we are happy to share. We invite our friends in the community to help out here by donating any bird boxes or feeders which are surplus to their requirements.    The more practically minded may like to make their own. Have a look at sites like RSPB for ideas of different types of nesting boxes for different birds. Most ambitious would be a barn owl box, big and very expensive to buy ready-made but a detailed specification for building can be found on the website of the Barn Owl Trust. If you want to have a go at making a nest box or a feeder please let us know what you intend so that we don't finish up with ten barn owl boxes. (Contact details on page ?) Boxes and feeders can be left on a bench in the orchard on any of the normal opening days and we will fit them on one of our Saturday working mornings. If you would prefer to make a financial donation, for example to help with the purchase of birdfood, there will be opportunity to do so at our Open Afternoon on Saturday 28 September. Alternatively there is now the facility above to make an online payment by Paypal at any time.

Pond Project

There is a strong possibilty of installing a small raised pond. Details to follow i.e cost, installation position, size, etc.