A new sign donated by Andy & Mary Blay has been added to the driveway of no.32 Ermine leading to the orchard, it has been kindly allowed by Ann Davey to be fixed to the corner of her wall.

Stumpery at bottom of orchard has a new semi permanent placing with some of the larger stumps being 'planted' into the ground for stability and safety. In front of stumpery, where the old large bonfire used to be, is now being planted up with bee/insect loving perenials, annuals and later will include a selection of wild flowers.

This morning found one of the new apple trees bending over at ninety degrees due to weight of  fruit and the blasted wind. Added new post and tied up.

Also placed a couple of support posts to trellis panels by entrance gate as main posts are broken. We'll have to wait until winter before new main posts can be repaired/replaced.

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