Orchard still looking a bit dry. Apples, pears and plums being collected (there are a lot of apples). Grass cut and strimmed. Fallen apple tree at top looking really sad after a lack of rain (may pick up after a good soaking). Pond plant flowers looking good, attracting a lot of bees and we had a single ‘Water Lilly’ flower last a few days (didn’t expect to see one this year).

Saw the newt again. Had a male ‘Banded Damselfly’ and pair of ‘Willow Emerald Damselflies’ visit a couple of times (didn’t see if the ‘Willows’ layed any eggs in the pond). Caught a male Linnet on camera (nice to see) and a ’Nuthatch’ making a lot of noise feeding in the large pear tree.

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Orchard looking very dry!