So the hot weather continues and orchard very dry, as everywhere is. Keeping a couple of the new trees and wild flower patch watered. Starting to get a lot of apples, pears and plums falling, will need to pick up, chuck the rotten and store the good for juicing, jamming and eating. Some rough strimming has been done in the long grass around the centre fruit trees with a bit more to do and then rake up.

Pond going well with the heat. Most dragonflies come in midmorning to midday once the temperature is good for them. Female ‘Southern Hawker’ came in to lay eggs every other day (roughly) for just over a week. The ‘Common Darters’ were going completely mad, anything up to six males a day waiting for the females to arrive, when they did it was time to couple up and have an egg laying frenzy.

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Common Darters egg laying.