Juicy News


Thanks to all those who popped in to help pick apples for juicing on Saturday and to the neighbours who donated some apples from their own gardens. We managed to gather well over 220Kilos (20 boxes) and a small convoy of three vehicles took them to Radwell for juicing first thing this morning (could be as much as two hundred bottles of fresh apple juice to collect later this week?).

The ‘Williams’ pears have been great this year with several Kilos being taken away by locals to turn into a variety of dishes and it seems our local Fox enjoys nibbling them as well. All the plums are in and ready to make into chutney and jam for the open event in October. The pear tree and some of the established apple and plum trees have had a bit of a prune.

Pond activity is starting to slow down a bit now except for the ‘Common Dater’ dragonflies, they are still visiting nearly every day for few hours. Bees are enjoying the ‘Pickerel Weed’ flowers and a male ‘Common Blue’ Butterfly was seen feeding on the ‘Watermint’ a couple of times. Wasps and bees are popping in for drink, also birds are drinking and bathing.