The orchard condition is pretty good considering the dry weather, although a lot of things looked a bit brown, dry and quite sad, the new hedge whips along the bottom of the orchard and the new fruit trees have been watered, they took priority, and are coping well.

Now at the time of writing (Saturday 15th August) we’ve had a few thunderstorms and a fair amount of rain, which is set to continue over the next few days, so we can probable forget watering for a while and look forward to fresh growth of weeds and grass!

Had a good turn out of butterflies and bees feeding on the bramble/blackberry and buddleia bushes during July, also had a cheeky Parakeet popping in now and again nibbling on the pears.

Most established trees are producing a decent amount of fruit now with the Pershore plums exceeding 14Kgs of plums so far, which are now in a freezer waiting to be made into chutney and jam in the autumn.

The trustees have decided to resume regular volunteer working mornings from Saturday the 5th September so anyone who has a spare hour or so can come along and give us a hand.