Special Thanks

A special thanks and honorable mention to those who have donated time, tools and money.

If something or someone has been missed out email details to the editor.

New Orchard Trees:

Richard Monger: Hitchin Pippin (Dessert Apple)

Marion & Bernard Hill: Redcoat Grieve (Dessert Apple)

Jane Harris: Princess (Pear)

Sheila White: Late Transparent Gage

Chris & Janine Santer: Voyager (Dessert Apple)

Mike Leaford: Parrot (Pear) & Mulberry

Carol & James Dawkins: Hormead Pearmain (Cooking Apple)

Alice & Dorothy Presland: Dawn (Dessert Apple) and Victoria Plum

Martin Sharp: Fairie Queen (Dessert Apple)

Neil Bell: Early Rivers (Cherry)

Helen Cooper: Early Transparent Gage

Pat Mann: Summer Beurre (Pear)

Johanna Chapman: Lane's Prince Albert (Cooking Apple)

Ann Hammond: Blue Rock (Plum)

Thanks to those volunteers who braved a cold morning to dig up ground and plant the new trees. See photos below.

Bits and Bobs:

Jonathon & Emma: £50.00, Tool Box and large water tank.

Katherine Archer: Large Bench Seat.

Pat: Hardwood Bench Seat.

Carol & Jim: Petrol Strimmer.

Graham & Jan: Petrol lawnmower and water butt.

Roy: Shiplap timber for summerhouse barge boards (8 lengths).

Steev: Old wine box and scrap timber to make ‘Bee Hotel’.

Neil: Bird table.

Dereck: Several bird feeders and bags of bird feed.

Anonymous: Bird Bath

PR & Promotion

Jane Harris


A big thanks to all the wonderful people who donate their free time come rain or shine to look after the orchard. Also those who help with setting up and taking down the neccesary bits and bobs for any functions we have.